How long does shipping take?

  • Kindly refer to our Shipping page for delivery time estimates 

There is a small hole at the bottom of my Scandi glasses - is this normal?

  • All double-walled glasses have a small hole at the bottom, which is firmly closed by a synthetic resin membrane.
  • This membrane serves to equalise the pressure of the double-walled glass layers and ensures that the glass does not break despite extreme temperature fluctuations when holding hot beverages.
  • The space in between the two layers of glass is filled with air. When air heats up, it expands. Every time you pour a hot drink like coffee or tea into your mug, it heats the air in between the layers, causing it to expand. The hole offers a path for the expanded air to escape.
  • We recommend gently handwashing our Scandi glasses with extra care near the membrane as it may lose its structural integrity if exposed to wear and tear over time which may result in water seeping between the glass walls during washes.

Is my Scandi Borosilicate Glass dishwasher safe?

  • We do not recommend placing your Scandi Glass in the dishwasher.
  • To ensure that your Scandi glass stays in tip-top condition, please hand wash them instead.

Is my Scandi Borosilicate Glass microwave safe?

  • We do not recommend placing your Scandi Glass directly in the microwave.
  • However, feel free to pour your freshly made coffee directly into the cup - they are made to withstand high temperatures.

My product arrived broken - help!

  • If your product arrives broken we will gladly replace it at no additional charge.
  • Kindly get in touch with us within 3 days of the delivery with pictures of your damaged item via e-mail.